Storm damage?

Top Choice Home Solutions, Inc. are experts in storm damage repair and replacement. Residential and Commercial owners know that frequent storms may eventually cause some type of roof damage on their property. Hail stones from quarter size and up can reduce the life expectancy of shingles and damage from hail is not always immediately visible to the untrained eye. Wind damaged shingles are a lot easier for owners to spot because they may be blown off of the roof. Wind can also lift and stress crack shingles causing damage that could ultimately results in leaks. Hail and wind damage are both covered by residential and commercial owners insurance policies.

If you need help with a claim, we will be there to assist you. Top Choice Home Solutions has a great working relationship with both insurance companies and adjusters. As your roofing contractor, we strongly recommend to our clients that they have us involved in all discussions with your adjuster. We work on our client's behalf to ensure they receive what is fair from the insurance company.

Don't have damage? Is it just time to replace?

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